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SHINee My Love【オフィシャルプロモーション動画】

Get to know me meme - [2/5] favorite OTPs {ontae}

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Key goon, the way you point out details in a picky manner, I’m so thankful for that. I hope, just like now, you won’t ever leave me”–Onew

Onew hyung, you’ve always been so good to me and I’m hoping that doesn’t ever change. I love you” –Key

Get To Know Me K-Pop Meme[1/6] Fave Male Groups ▹▹ SHINee
"A formula that will never be broken for a lifetime,
SHINee + SHINee World = love.” - Choi Minho
128-133/ pictures of lee jinki’s perfection  

12-13/ gifs of the flawless Lee Sungjong~ 

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