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make me choose 

↳  asked by anon : jongkey or jongtae
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#moments I got heart attack …
Onew tried to climb up a rambutan tree, he fell on his 1st try. But he tried again (which I applaud him for this determination). Then I got my 2nd heart attack when he slipped ( I almost passed out). Thank God, he knew he wont be able to go further because of empty stomach, so he came down. Oh honey… 

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Ondrew | “Rock Of Ages” photoshoot - PART ONE | part two
aka the most sexually frustrating video you’ll ever watch….
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make me choose: onew or key
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"I believe that you can change a life with just one word." - Onew

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Key is pretty. His eyes are lovely. Key is beautiful

Kim Jonghyun [at fanmeet in chiba 140302]

(cr: yukey_key, translation: _tsukey_)

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Get to know me meme: (1/3) Favorite OTPs - 2min
"I don’t know if Taemin knows it, but I care about him. Taemin-ah, you know it, right? Afterall, you only have me, right? - Minho."

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