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bumkeyk: 뭐야 이중독성있는 멜로디는 (what is this addictive melody)

Onew: Do you think Yoogeun will remember us later?
Jonghyun: Of course! If he sees this time capsule, there’s no way he won’t remember.
Taemin: I don’t remember anything from when I was that young.
Jonghyun: I remember everything! I came out of my mom talking.
Key: Ah~ That’s really annoying.
Jonghyun: I told the doctor not to touch me. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Mom, give me clothes!’ ‘It’s too embarrassing to be here!’
Onew: Ya~ There are two wild horses running over there. (referring to Minho and Yoogeun)
.... LOL ...
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20 days SHINee challenge ]  © 

          → day 2 - your top otp: OnTae

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Am I the only one to think of jinki as an exotic dancer? … i mean with those thighs and body strength he could just do sinful things on a pole….
… yea sigh.

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